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Advance Health and Health Literacy
at Your School.

Engage your students with the technology they already have and use every day. Download the HealthForce app, and bring our Wellness Poster Gallery to life. The app and gallery are FREE!

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Nurses - Check out VIVA

Video Interactive Virtual Anatomy


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Health eTools is an award-winning, web-based school health information system. More than 44% of Pennsylvania schools use Health eTools impacting more than 800,000 students. 


Applauded as leading-edge, Health eTools harnesses technology with best practices to provide online resources that help the entire school community create a healthier learning environment. It is designed to monitor student health and fitness parameters, help schools meet wellness mandates, and support a culture of wellness.

Health eTools was developed by InnerLink with Highmark Foundation funding to enable schools to more effectively impact student health and wellness with access to real time data.



Health eTools provides role-based access and innovative solutions for: